Welcome to the Lenrose & Ace David Jewellery website.

We are a multi-faceted manufacturing facility that utilises cutting edge technology to produce the finest castings and hand made chain products.

We cast daily in all precious metals and consistently offer the quickest turn around in the industry.  Whether it's your mould or ours, your wax or a CAD project, you can trust us for all your casting needs.

Our experienced team of CAD operators converts your concepts to reality.  We design and print your master models using state of the art printing or milling techniques.  Thereafter, our legendary casting services converts your master models into precious metals.

We have a vast selection of hand made chains, bracelets and bangles : solid, hollow and silver core.  Our range is increasing all the time with innovative and exclusive designs.

We encourage you to browse our site and contact us for any inquiries that you might have.