Mould Making

We offer a comprehensive mould making service.  Once again, our service is exemplary and stands out in the industry.  In general, if you bring us a piece to mould before lunch time, we will have the mould made and ready for wax production the following day.  Couple this with the overnight casting service, and you have a 2 day turn around from master model to casting.

Whether it's vulcanised rubber or silicon moulds, our mould cutter has more than 20 years experience in the jewellery trade assuring you of the best quality and professionally cut moulds. 

Vulcanised rubber : best for long term and multiple wax production, but allow for approximately 5-8% shrinkage from the master pattern. 

Silicon : best for delicate, hollow or fragile pieces.  The moulds are made without any pressure.  There is near zero shrinkage, but they are more expensive.